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HDFC Bank launches ‘Rathnabhimani’ pension scheme for industrial sector employees

HDFC Bank introduced ‘Rathnabhimani, a life insurance and pension scheme, as the 2nd phase of launching the product with an intention to provide old age financial security by way of regular monthly income for the employees of the industrial sector.

HDFC launched the ‘Rathnabhimani’ life insurance and the pension scheme with the collaboration of the National Gem and Jewellery Authority for the welfare of the gem miners, gem technicians and their families last year, according to a concept of the Deputy Minister of Science, Technology, Research, and Skills Development & Vocational Training Karu Paranawithana.

As the second phase, the bank offers the product for the people of all industries in the country, and a special event to introduce this plan was held recently at the INCO 2018 – Sri Lanka’s premier annual industrial exhibition and trade fair held at the BMICH, Colombo. The Chief Guest of the opening day of INCO 2018, Hon. Daya Gamage. Minister of Social Welfare and Primary Industries attended this special event by presenting few letters to the beneficiaries of Rathnabhimani accounts. HDFC Bank Chairman, Attorney at Law Mr.R.J.De Silva and staff members of the bank were also present.

Rathnabhimani”is a combination of a pension plan and an insurance plan which gives a guaranteed monthly pension for life. The insurance partner for this unique product is Fair First Insurance.

The picture shows the Minister of Social Welfare and Primary Industries Hon. Daya Gamage handing over a letter to one of the beneficiaries of “Rathnabhimani” pension plan. HDFC Bank Chairman R.J.De Silva is also in the picture.

We shall be grateful if you could kindly publish this news with the picture of this event which has much significance for the people involved in various industries in the country.