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HDFC Micro Finance Loans - Dirimaga

Are you planning to start a business of your own? Or you want to develop your business further?

Now HDFC Bank offer the best development loans scheme for the people who work towards their success.

01.Purposes for HDFC Dirimaga Loan is granted

  • For Self employments and SMEs
  • For Agricultural productions
  • For Livestock farming
  • For fisheries
  • For retail businesses

02.Who can obtain the loan

  • Groups of self employed people consisting at least five members has to mutually apply for the loans.

03.The Loan amount you can obtain

  • Up to 200,000/-

04.What about the guarantors?

  • Members of the group will be equally considered as guarantors.

05.What is the repayment period?

  • Maximum up to 3 years.

06.What else……..?

  • A Savings Deposit of Rs. 500 /- should be opened with the Bank.