Thilina Children's Savings Account
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» HDFC Smart Goals

Smart Goals is a unique savings scheme which enables customers to realize their medium-term goals.

This helps customers to target their goals at the end of three years. At that point, you can fulfil your aspirations in life, be it purchasing a new car, getting married or sending your children overseas for education.

» Features & benefits

  • Minimum savings period is 03 years - At the end of three years, customers can withdraw their deposits with the accumulated interest.
  • Accounts can be opened with Rs.1,000/-at any branch of the HDFC Bank
  • Smart Goals offers higher interest rates
  • Total flexibility and convenience. Customers can plan ahead to achieve their targets in three years by depositing any amount of money at any time.
  • Incentive to save. The more customers save, the higher the interest rate. It will be calculated on a daily basis and credited to one’s Smart Goals account monthly.

» For Whom ?

Any Sri Lanka citizen aged 18 years and above

» Terms & Conditions apply

Product information and terms & conditions are subject to change from time to time

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